Die Baustelle.

I think love as we see it in a normative way, I think yeah for me it’s just cheesy, but when I think about love and black spaces and black queer spaces it’s just that one feeling and it just makes me happy


Jane, also known as Femdom, is a nonbinary artist based in Cologne, Germany. They have had success with live shows, including at the Schwuz in Berlin, and are set to release their first album «WET» on November 11th through their label ADHD records. Femdom›s music is characterized by smooth beats and sublime rhythms, combined with soft vocals and a salacious undertone. In their lyrics, the artist shares their perspective on healing, consent, and sex from a Black queer perspective, giving anger the space it sometimes needs to breathe in their music. Instagram: @femdom_music Pronouns: they/he/she Links: https://linktr.ee/femdom_music

What is love and how do we all deal with it? How have we learned about love and what has love taught us? How has love changed our lives and how does it change?

Amro, Femdom, and Lex … Three queer artists from Cologne tell of love in their childhood, their first love stories, the exclusion dynamics of love that do not reflect the diversity of identities, and their own definition of love. The videos will be displayed in the exhibition “LOVE?” at the Rautenstrauch Joest Museum in Cologne.

Video production by In-Haus Media 2022

Die Baustelle.