Die Baustelle.

An Interview with Sharon Dodua Otoo about Languages, Political Literature and more..

“yeah so for people to use their own languages from their own cultures from their parents and families from non-german countries and still create in those languages write songs write poetry write novels I think it’s a very political act”

Sharon Dodua Otoo

Sharon Dodua Otoo participated in the project “Die Baustelle. Aus Konservierung wird Konversation”, which aimed to create a democratic space within a museum setting. The project sought to address questions such as how a museum can become a place for shared memories in a diverse society, and how to include a variety of voices without resorting to superficial or one-time events. Otoo, a writer and political activist, contributed new texts to the project. She is known for her prose and essays, and her debut novel “Ada’s Raum” (2021) has been translated into several languages. and in 2016, she won the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize. https://sharonotoo.com/bio

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Die Baustelle.