Die Baustelle.

tips on how we talk about love? … well first start talking about it … I feel like most people just assume that everyone has the same idea of love and then you find out on the way that you don’t and then things get very messy, we all have our yes and no-nos and those boundaries should be set in every kind of relationship and without them you can’t be loved properly


Ley Ghafouri [they/them], also known as Lex, an Iranian-German mixed, independent, and non-binary artist based in Cologne, Germany. Since 2012, Lex has been working in the music industry, supporting new artists and helping them find their voices through the writing of lyrics and recording of vocals and guitars for selected projects. Rarely seen in the spotlight, Lex›s sulky voice and smooth guitar riffs add a warm and inviting sound to any project or genre, evoking feelings of longing and belonging. Instagram: @lex.tape

What is love and how do we all deal with it? How have we learned about love and what has love taught us? How has love changed our lives and how does it change?

Amro, Femdom, and Lex … Three queer artists from Cologne tell of love in their childhood, their first love stories, the exclusion dynamics of love that do not reflect the diversity of identities, and their own definition of love. The videos will be displayed in the exhibition “LOVE?” at the Rautenstrauch Joest Museum in Cologne.

Video production by In-Haus Media 2022

Die Baustelle.